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Whether you are an employee or an employer, Edward Marshall can assist you with your employment dispute.






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Being involved in a court case is a stressful and difficult time. We have experience in many kinds of litigation and often represent clients in the local County Courts as well as the Central London County Court, High Court and higher. Some areas of law, such as some property disputes and employment cases are managed initially by tribunals with which are are also familiar.

If you receive court papers, you must act quickly and get the best advice before the court timetable works against you.

We cover subjects including Landlord & Tenant law, Property Disputes, Business Disputes, Debt collection, Contract, Probate Disputes, Employment issues and Professional Negligence.

We have experience and expertise in considering the court papers, advising on legal and tactical options, preparing applications and all necessary court papers, finding the right barrister and being with you right through to trial and beyond.

We also focus on a problem-solving approach which means if there is a deal to be done to avoid the risk and cost of further litigation, we will explore that for you.

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