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Allow us to help you minimise cost and disruption. Our Solicitors at Edward Marshall are fully versed in the latest techniques in dispute resolution.

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Even the best managed business can find itself involved in a dispute, whether it be something simple like an unpaid invoice, or something more complex like a product liability issue, breach of contract or a shareholder dispute.

Many business disputes will be disruptive, time consuming and potentially costly, so to minimise cost and disruption, our expert team always endeavour to pursue dispute resolution as an alternative to litigation. All of the lawyers at Edward Marshall Solicitors are fully versed in the latest techniques in dispute resolution – from mediation to expert determination.

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Minimizing Potential Damage to your business

When all efforts to resolve a dispute by negotiation or mediation have been unsuccessful, in most instances the parties have no option other than to resort to litigation to right a wrong, or to seek redress for damage suffered. At Edward Marshall Solicitors we possess extensive experience in handling all aspects of the litigation process, from the initial demand letter to the final disposition.

Our litigation specialists have significant expertise in High Court and County Court litigation, arbitration, negotiation and mediation. Armed with specialist knowledge, tactical skills and commercial awareness, we look for creative and cost effective solutions designed to minimize the potential damage to your business.

Cost Effective options

Different options will be explored, and you will be offered advice and assistance in an efficient and cost-effective manner; only after carefully assessing the potential risks, benefits and costs of a particular strategy will our team proceed to.take any action on your behalf.

Dispute resolution

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